If you are building a custom Royal Enfield, WE WANT YOU! 

If you own a rad custom shop & deal with Royal Enfields, WE WANT YOU! 

If you have a group ride to share, WE WANT YOU! 

Not literally, but we'd love to share your custom build & stories with over 200,000 REB500 devotees.

The beauty with Royal Enfields is that they are an affordable entry point to classic styled customisation and we are seeing some AMAZING custom RE's come out of Thailand, Indonesia, Nepal, India....there are too many places to list. If you're a professional builder we want your story, if you're a novice even more so...we want to hear from you. First time builders & backyard tinkerers can even teach a thing or two to the seasoned pro...there'll be no motosnobbery on this site.


We want to create a space to share, encourage & inspire. 

Submit builds & stories to bikes@reb500.com


Be sure to include some high res pics of your bike.

If you're a noob to this then take a read of this great post from PetaPixel on what & what not to do when photographing your bike.

Also, tell us about your build, model & year, parts used, where you live, what inspired you...enough detail so we can compose a few paragraphs.

Looking forward to seeing what you got!